Necklace by Mariona Gili, Monedas in bronze with green patina or Copper.


Necklace in jewellery bronze with a green patina, made using the lost wax technique. Each piece is unique.


Mariona Gili

Mariona Gili Author Jewelry, is a story of sensitivity, beauty, aesthetics, illusion, inspiration and research. It is an almost unintentional success story, of turning a hobby into a small, big business venture, more than 30 years ago.

She is a pioneer in the lost wax technique, which is a sculptural procedure that dates back to Greece in the 5th and 6th centuries BC, through which metal figures (traditionally bronze) are obtained by means of a mold that is made from a prototype traditionally made with wax.

This initial mold is covered by a wide layer of soft material that solidifies. Once hard, it is put in the oven and the wax is melted, coming out through holes created for this effect (hence its name) and, in its place, the molten metal is injected, which takes the exact shape of the mold. To finish the final piece, it is necessary to remove the mold, polish it and give it the desired finish (nuanced, varnish, patina).

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Weight 0,090 kg
Dimensions 330 mm